Sunday, April 22, 2012

FSMK organised protest against Intermediaries bill.

The Internet:transforming society and shaping the future through chat.
-Dave berry

Since its invention the Internet has linked itself with almost every event. More recently with the growth of social networking sites, blogging domains and various forums the Internet has become the central place where people from all fields(students, professionals, researchers...the list goes on) discuss a wide range of topics.
This common platform where the common man is able to voice out his opinion is a boon to the worlds greatest democracy, but sadly the Indian government is now trying to bring in a law which would take away this freedom of ours over the Internet.

crimes for which we would be jailed

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The gathering
In this regard FreeSoftware Movement Karnataka(FSMK) organized a protest to show our concern over these vaguely made laws. Blogger's, students, Teachers, IT professionals, Photographers came together in the center of the city shouting slogans and holding banners showing their apathy towards this new rule.
Students sharing their views
We started with slogan shouting at 5pm, at Town hall. Each one held a placard with facts and slogans written which captured the strong sense of apathy to the upcoming bill. Along with slogan shouting we had a small talk which covered all the restrictions we would face if the bill was passed. Also students representing various collages around Bangalore spoke about how the Internet plays a vital role in their lives and how such a law would effect them. Songs of freedom were sung in Kannada and Malayalam.
Skit performed by activists

While the main intention was to bring this issue into the limelight,and the media to capture, This was just one small step. The objective was accomplished through the slogan shouting, skit, songs and candle light vigil.

If any of you are interested please sign the online petition at:

placards held!

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  1. It is high time the Government takes a pragmatic approach and withdraw the proposed bill and ensure freedom of democracy.
    Jagadeesh Bharadwaj